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Tiziano Fratus is a Walker, a Tree Seeker, a Photographer, an Author, a Scholar of Landscape, a Designer of Routes, a Popularizer.

He has published books and notebooks dedicated to trips and wanderings in the Italian Landscape, from the north of the Country on the Alps to the Southern Islands as Sicily and Sardinia, from the biggest Towns as Rome, Milan, Turin, Palermo, Bologna and Genoa to the little villages of the Provinces.

Fratus works on a new form of identity, both local and international, through the evaluation of the heritage and secular trees in his region, the Piedmont (north west of Italy), his country and the world. ​​He works to create a new simple way to feel as humans proud to live and work in a local regional part of the Earth and in the meanwhile on the whole planet. ​

His existential path is reviewed by some of the most important Newspapers and Magazines, Radio Broadcastings and guested in Natural History Museums, Festivals, Botanic Gardens, Regional and National Parks. He wins the Special Prize Nature 2012 in Pistoia.

He design paths for Tree Seekers and guides walks for Tree Huggers.

Exhibitions of his fotographic work has been shown in museum, galleries, bookstores and botanical gardens.

He writes about Big Trees on the italian newspaper «La Stampa».

Official website (in italian): www.homoradix.com


Contributions on Monumental Trees (in english): www.monumentaltrees.com/en/users/Rootman/

Email: fratus@homoradix.com


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